5 Unique Ideas For Your Wedding + Elopement Day

It’s such a beauty to be able to do unique things on your wedding day. As your planning your wedding day and can’t seem to come up with ways to perhaps break traditions a little or just overall do something unique day of. More and more couples are mixing tradition with a modern twist. Doing things that fulfill you two as a couple is the best. I have also found that some of these ideas


5 Things To Do After Getting Engaged

Congratulations! You just got engaged to the love of your life!!  Now what? Do you feel like floating in the clouds right now only to be dragged down back to the cold hard ground of anxious wedding preparation? Worry not-you are not alone, I am here to help you get started on what things to do after getting engaged.  In my field of work, I have seen couples that experienced the same thing but quickly


Best Wedding Venues On Oahu | Hawaii Wedding Photography

Are you searching for the best wedding venues on Oahu? The options can be endless. Oahu certainly lives up to its name as “The Gathering Place” because of how diverse the nuptial locations are here. So if you are into that tropical kind of love, it is the best place for you to say “I DO.” As an experienced destination photographer in Hawaii, here’s a list to help you narrow down your options. Below, I

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