Planning A 420 Elopement In Hawaii

Celebrating a marriage with marijuana is no longer taboo. So what if you like to get high? This guide will help plan the ultimate 420 elopement in Hawaii. I have even come up with alternatives to smoking a joint. Hosting a marijuana-friendly wedding can be done with little effort like decor, or going all out and having weed for guests to enjoy. Being transparent with your wedding photographer will the day go smoothly, and to


Plan A City Hall Wedding In Hawaii

Did you decide that a traditional wedding just isn’t for you? The thought of being the center of attention in an all-day event just isn’t something that brings you immediate joy? Perhaps it’s time to consider planning a city hall wedding in Hawaii. Having a city hall wedding doesn’t make the celebration any less exciting. Besides, the space already limits the number of people that can be present, and that leaves little to no worrying


How To Prep Your Insecutiries For A Photoshoot

Getting your photos taken can be nerve-wracking at times. But as a professional photographer, I’m here to help you out. Preparing yourself for the day of photos will save a lot of stress, and really allow you to enjoy your photoshoot.   How To Prepare For A Photoshoot 1: Finding The One (outfit):  First of all, find something that makes YOU feel COMFORTABLE. Don’t buy or wear something just because it’s “cute”. Listen I’m the

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