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Studio Engagement Photoshoot | Jordan + Sarah

I can’t wait to show you this studio engagement photoshoot session! Being an Oahu + Colorado Engagement Photographer often it’s hard to look elsewhere than the outside beauty. But, the beauty of all of us is being able to be different and unique.  Being able to have some formal more editorial studio photos, and then ending with some casual studio photos is so fun. This allows you to have a good mix for save the date photos and fun personal photos.

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Studio Engagement Photoshoot

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Formal Outfits For Your Engagement Shoot

Jordan and Sarah started off with some formal engagement and wedding attire. This vision is yours, and she even added a super cute veil with pearls from Lulus. I mean look at her veil, shoes, and headband details! I love that Sarah chose to go for a modern look and use a white wedding blazer suit for her photos.

Jordan went with a classic suit, and it paired so beautifully with the tuxedo wedding dress. Jordan added some pop of texture, and color by wearing some stripped suit pants. Which was also the case with the tops. Sarah wore a corduroy loose top, and Jordan wore a solid neutral tee. Sarah’s corduroy top allowed the sleeves to be rolled up for a super casual and fun outfit.

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Casual Outfits For Your Engagement Photoshoot

Now for the second part of the engagement photoshoot, they changed into a more casual outfit. They decided on a neutral couple’s outfit with some jeans. Sarah wore a dark wash and Jordan a light wash which helped not match too much but still be coordinated.

I always suggest going for something you’re BOTH comfortable in and feel beautiful in.

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3 Tips For Matching Couples Outfit | Couples Photoshoot Outfits

  1. Pick a color scheme: Having a color palette allows you to have options for different outfit colors that coordinate but don’t exactly match too much.
  2. Add a pattern or texture: Don’t be afraid to add some patterns or textures. This helps spice the outfit up a bit.
  3. Add accessories: Ahh, my favorite! For example: add some jewelry, headpieces (hats/headbands), and hey even some funky

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How A Studio Photoshoot Goes

During both parts of the photoshoot, I love to play music to get the studio vibes going. This allows me to set the mood, and get my couple out of their shell. I like to start with formal outfits so we end on a high, fun, and silly note. By the end of the shoot, I’d gaged my couples well enough to have them comfortable and trust me when in front of my camera.

I also offer a client closet in case you’re needing a little more help with your outfits. As well as being hands-on with helping you gather your outfits for your in-studio photoshoot.

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Studio Couples Photographer | Oahu Couples Photographer

I hope you enjoyed Sarah + Jordan’s studio engagement session. If you are looking for a photographer to capture engagement photos or some fun studio couples photos, please reach out. I am based out of Oahu, Hawaii but my bags are always packed to set on a new adventure.

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