How To Elope In Colorado Springs, bride and groom holding hands at garden of the gods

How To Elope In Colorado Springs

First of all congratulations on deciding to spend the rest of your life with your best friend!! Never less It’s such an exciting time of your lives. Now, getting married in Colorado Springs is actually pretty easy, and honestly, Colorado Springs has so much to offer. Let me show you how to elope in Colorado Springs.


Elope In Colorado Springs

How To Elope In Colorado Springs, bride and groom at garden of the gods, GOG wedding, elopement in garden of the gods

1: Get Your Marriage License | How To Get Your Marriage License

  • Head into any Colorado County Clerk & Recorder’s Office and it doesn’t need to be the county you’re getting married in.
  • Bring a valid ID, and as long as you bring one of the following you’ll be fine: Passports, Driver’s licenses, Birth Certificates (Birth Certificates in a language other than English must be accompanied by a certified translation), and Military identification cards.
  • Keep in mind the office hours (keep holidays in mind too). Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm
  • Cost: $30 in cash or debt/credit card
  • There is no waiting period to get married, but the license is valid for 35 days. Additionally, everything needs to be filled out, and return within 63 days from your wedding day.
  • Court House | City Hall Wedding: Make sure to have your marriage license before making an appointment with a judicial officer.
  • I’m out of state do I still need a marriage license from Colorado? Yes, the answer is absolutely yes.

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  • In Colorado, couples can solemnize their own marriage. Therefore that just means you don’t need a witness, judge, or an officient . Do you know what’s the best part of this? You can totally bring your furry friend with you, and they can be a paw witness.

2: Locations To Elope In Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs offers diverse locations with red rocks and mountain views with that lush green. The best part about Colorado Springs is that it offers epic locations without having to do major hikes! Also, Colorado Springs has a lot of locations that don’t even require a permit which can ease some stress for sure. Below I’m going to list some beautiful locations:

  • Garden Of The Gods
  • Palmer Park
  • Paint Mines
  • Pikes Peak
  • Airbnb/VRBO

These are just a handful of locations, and as your photographer, I could always give you more options tailored to you. Colorado Springs is full of hidden gems, and I’d be happy to share them with you. Reach out for my packages.

Elope In Colorado Springs

How to elope in Colorado Springs, bride and groom at palmer park, black wedding couple, black love, boho wedding, pampas wedding decor


3: How To Get To Colorado Springs

Unless you’re in a nearby state or you love cross-country road trips I suggest you fly. Below are the two airports closest to Colorado Springs.

  • Colorado Springs Airport: COS : It’s a small and local airport with great flights.
  • Denver Internation Airport: DEN: This is about 1 hour 30 mins from Colorado Springs, and it’s an international airport so big.
  • Both airports are easy to navigate around, but I would 100% recommend COS airport.

4: When To Get Married In Colorado Springs |Best Time Of The Year To Get Married In Colorado Springs

Despite different seasons when the sun is out it feels so good. But, I will share once that sun ducks behind the mountains during fall-winter- and early spring it will get cold FAST. For one thing, Colorado Springs has great location options throughout the year. Some things to keep in mind are:

  • Time of the day
  • Season
  • Elevation

How To Elope In Colorado Springs, groom getting boutineer on at garden of the gods, getting married at garden of the gods, boho wedding ring, wedding ring photoElope In Colorado Springs

Winter In Colorado Springs (December-March)

  • I bet you’re thinking December and January are the snowiest months. Believe it or not, the answer to that is actually March. If we get snow depending on location (elevation matters) the snow melts fairly quickly. Occasionally the snow will melt as fast as the same day, or surely within a few days. Layers will help if you’re set on getting married outdoors.

Spring In Colorado Springs (March-June)

  • Being that March is considered one of the snowiest months in the season – just keep that in mind. Colorado Springs springs are definitely unpredictable. You may run into nice weather or a total snowstorm. Having a plan b or being willing to brace for the unpredictable weather is my best piece of advice.

Summer In Colorado Springs (June-September)

  • Summer in Colorado Springs is just perfect (if you like the heat). It’s not humid which is such an upside. Occasionally in the summer, there will be those afternoon rainstorms, which help to cool off. Remember that depending on where you are you will be that much closer to the sun. Therefore I recommend wearing sunscreen or else you will burn fairly quickly. Mornings or late afternoon will have the most comfortable temperatures.
  • Fall is a bit tricky just like Spring when the weather is a bit unpredictable. This is the time of the year for the gorgeous fall leaves, but I would try to aim for late Summer /early Fall. The fall can either have you bundled up in layers or having a perfect afternoon.

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What Day To Get Married In Colorado Springs

  • Colorado Springs is an all-year popular location. Weekdays will always be less crowded than weekends for sure. By all means, if you are in love with a weekend, go for it just keep in mind the crowd for the location.

What Time To Get Married In Colorado Springs

  • I think this question is solely based on your needs as a couple. I always recommend that golden light from sunrise or sunset. Some locations may require an earlier start than a golden hour. Having your photographer be knowledgeable on this is key.

Elopement Photography And Videography Services In Colorado Springs | Elope In Colorado Springs

As shown above I have given you all the information needed on how to elope in Colorado Springs! Choosing to elope in Colorado Springs will be absolutely beautiful, and nothing short of amazing. If theirs any questions you have that I didn’t answer above please don’t hesitate to inquire online, email, or give me a call. I’d love to connect and serve you in eloping in Colorado Springs.


How To Elope In Colorado Springs, bride and groom with lace wedding dress at the paint mines

How To Elope In Colorado Springs, couple holding hands in garden of the gods

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