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As a Colorado Springs Elopement Photographer and Colorado Springs wedding photographer, I always encourage all my couples to make time for the small things we often overlook. Details on your wedding day are SO much more than just your beautiful invitation suites, floral, and wedding rings. The details are the little things that pulled your wedding day together. The jewelry you picked for your special day, the shoes you said “I do” in, the make-up and hair for the LOOK, the nails you spent 2 hours getting done, and the list can go on.

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10 Items You Can Include In Your Wedding Day Details

1: Your invitation suite 

  • Frequently I suggest for couples send an invitation suite to their photographer prior to the wedding day. Your invitation suite can include things like your engagement announcement, save the date, and ALL that is included with your actual wedding day invitation.

 2: Rings 

  • The rings would consist of your full ring set as well as your partners. So that would consist of the engagement ring and wedding ring. and any added rings like a stack.

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3: Shoes

  • Again this would be both partners’ shoes. For example, if you don’t plan on ever wearing your wedding shoes again, by all means, include them.

4: Jewelry you’ll be using on your wedding or elopement

  • Often times jewelry is forgotten, due to so much emphasis on the rings. So make sure not to forget things like your bracelet, necklace, earrings, watch, anklets, or headpiece. The options are endless and it’s better to have a little more than none at all.

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5: Cufflinks (if any)

  • Generally speaking, the cufflinks are a 50/50 chance of being an heirloom or a special piece.

6: Cologne + Perfume

  • That’s right both of your scents are equally important for details.

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7: Veil

  • The veil is one of my favorite wedding details to use. Often times it’s used as a base or draped over the rest of the wedding day details.

8: Letters to each other

  • Occasionally both partners have written each other letters to read before walking down the aisle or to put them in a capsule box.

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9: Vow books

  • You can have vow books, journals, or vow letters.

10: Florals (bouquet and boutonniere)

  • Lastly, but most important is the florals. I absolutely always recommend asking your florist to include a few loose florals so you’re able to include them with your wedding or elopement day details.

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Wedding Day Details Matter | Colorado Springs Elopement Photographer

I could ramble about details all day. They matter .. don’t skip them, please. As a destination wedding and elopement photographer, I can put your details together to have you saying “wow” for the rest of your life. When looking back you’ll want to remember all these small details. Every part of your day is special. It’s a collective of small details to make the BIG day whole. Both partners are equally important so don’t feel wedding day details are a one side thing.


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Invitations: @cardsmithdesignstudio 

Jewelry:@stagheaddesigns + @blaisandblossom

Ring box: @champagneandgrit

Shoes: @lulusweddings

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