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Have you ever wondered if you should be having a traditional wedding or eloping? As a Colorado Springs elopement photographer, I can give you the top 6 signs you really should consider eloping. At the end of the day do whatever gets you excited about your wedding day. While for some couples that are being the center of attention is fun, the reality is this thought may overwhelm others. Navigating through hosting a party with your top 100 family, and friends or a smaller gathering with 40 of your close loved ones.

What is an elopement?

An elopement is a private, and intimate celebration between the couple, or the couple and a few close family and friends. This most certainly includes fur babies.

Overall, elopements just cut out “fluff” and is a day catered to YOU two and whatever fills your cup.

Whether you’re considering an elopement because of post-pandemic reasons, or because you enjoy a smaller and intimate moment, I’m here to guide you through the decision. So let’s jump into some signs when considering if to elope.

6 Reasons To Elope | Colorado Springs Elopement Photographer

1: You don’t like being the center of attention: Does the thought of having a big crowd staring at you saying “I do” make your skin crawl? Do you start sweating at the idea that your first dance will be shared with a large crowd? Or does fear set in at the idea of tripping down the aisle or stumbling over your vows due to the overwhelming feeling of being the center of attention? This should be one of the major flags that an intimate elopement may work best for you. Make sure you’re comfortable while sharing your love with your partner.

2:  Traveling is your love language: Is exploring the world one of the fun things you do as a couple? It would only make sense to get married at one of your favorite places, or better yet, a bucket list location! Think about how epic it would be to share your love for each other while incorporating your love for travel.

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3: You rather spend the money on an experience vs a party: Let’s be honest here, a traditional wedding is a big party. Is the thought of throwing a big party vs having an experience of a lifetime sound better? If you ever thought “I’d rather spend that money on a private chef who will serve us a 5-course meal.” Or what if you’re going a different route and would rather hire your favorite tattoo artist for your wedding? Ditch the rings and get tattoo rings? Anything is possible on your special day.

4: Thinking of a “big” wedding has you more stressed than the shouting of joy: You started planning and all the details have you overwhelmed.. You’re finding that wedding planning has become more of a tedious job than a fun experience. Sometimes all the wedding planning can even lead to more stress as a couple than excitement. You find that you’re dreading any and all wedding talk because it simply doesn’t bring you joy. Having an elopement will definitely take most if not all of this stress away.bride and groom fist bumping, bride signing marriage license, getting married lakeside, asian and black couple getting married


5: Traditions just don’t fill you: Fuck traditions is your motto? You guys want to do things YOUR way, and fill the day with things that bring you the most joy. Is the thought of having your husband go under your dress to pull a garter off in front of your family and friends the most uncomfortable thought ever? Or does walking down the aisle together sound better than walking up to your fiance? Here are some unique ideas for breaking traditions on your wedding + elopement day.

6: As a couple, you enjoy more intimate spaces vs big parties: If you find you’re most comfortable in a smaller setting ignore the big party fluff.

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When planning your elopement cutting out the outside noise will be the hardest. Yes, family will try to guilt you into having a traditional wedding. Being firm with your belives as a couple will help you block the outside noise. This is YOUR day, and no one else. As much as you may feel you “owe” your family a traditional wedding, remember to honor yourself first. Imagine being stressed, and burnt out on your wedding vs feeling comfortable, loved, and joyous.

I hope the 6 signs above have guided you to feel confident to elope or plan a traditional wedding. If you are looking for a photographer to capture your special day please reach out. I am based out of Colorado Springs, but my bags are always packed to set on a new adventure.

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