5 Unique Ideas For Your Wedding + Elopement Day

It’s such a beauty to be able to do unique things on your wedding day. As your planning your wedding day and can’t seem to come up with ways to perhaps break traditions a little or just overall do something unique day of. More and more couples are mixing tradition with a modern twist. Doing things that fulfill you two as a couple is the best. I have also found that some of these ideas help ease the wedding day nerves.

Unique Wedding Ideas, bride and groom getting ready together

1: Get Ready Together

1: It seriously helps with the jitters, and makes beautiful photos. I have found couples who get ready together really find such comfort in each other’s presence. This is almost like a first look with a twist because you get to slowly see your significant other’s wedding day attire come together. Theirs such a raw beauty in watching parters dress each other.

2: Walk Out The Isle Together

Take a power walk to say I do together. You are now entering your ceremony space together, and this also helps ease those wedding day jitters. You could literally walk out together or have each of you walk out the side of the altar and then walk together. This is also a great way to give an element of surprise for both of you and then walk in together.

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3: Include Your Fur Babies

There is nothing more special than having your 4 legged friends be part of your day. These are your babies and they deserve to share the day with you. Depending on your little fur babies’ behavior they can stay the whole time, or have them just come in for the ceremony, and family photos. If you can’t imagine your day without your beautiful fur babies then don’t. Imagine your wedding day photo hanging in your home which includes your whole little family.

4: Have Private Vows

Is having all the attention on you, not your jam? Well, this is a perfect way to be in the moment with your significant other. This allows for such a beautiful, personal, and intimate moment with no one else besides each other. You can even pick to have your photographer nearby or from afar. So you get to have the moment captured in your own private way. Some couples will even double this up with a first look followed by private vows.


Ideas to make your wedding unique, bride and groom having private vows cliffside

5: Selfie During Ceremony

I mean everyone loves a good selfie! So before your ceremony starts you ask all guests to take a selfie, and send it over to you. This is a unique way to remember everyone who was part of your ceremony. And yes this also includes you two! Take a selfie with everyone in the background, break the ice a little, and ask everyone to put their phones away.


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In essence, the day is about you two. I hope that some of these unique ideas help ease those wedding day jitters when creating your own traditional twist. If you’re still looking for a wedding photographer to help guide you through your day please reach out!


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5 Unique Ideas For Your Wedding + Elopement Day

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