5 Things To Do After Getting Engaged

Congratulations! You just got engaged to the love of your life!!  Now what? Do you feel like floating in the clouds right now only to be dragged down back to the cold hard ground of anxious wedding preparation? Worry not-you are not alone, I am here to help you get started on what things to do after getting engaged. 

In my field of work, I have seen couples that experienced the same thing but quickly saw how they could effectively overcome it. There is no strict order on what you should do first but this guide will help you avoid getting overwhelmed. Below I have created a list for you two.

Things To Do After Getting Engaged

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  1. Live in the moment

The urge to instantly broadcast to the whole world that you just got engaged is so strong, but make sure to live in the moment first, just the two of you. It should be a priority to build a strong feeling of togetherness from the start since this is the whole point of this commitment. Savor the love and let it linger for long. You’ll need a moment of calmness to look back to when you get started planning for your wedding. Trust me.

  1. Announce it first to those people closest to your heart

It is better to call your parents, siblings, and closest friends first before announcing it to the rest of the world. That way, you can still make it special between you two and also for them since there is this sense of exclusivity if they know it first. Plus, these are probably the people who’ll help you with all your wedding planning. So making them feel special is already a bonus.

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  1. Plan and do an engagement shoot

Is there a better way to make it official than just showing photos of your engagement ring? Yes. By doing a shoot together. Engagements are so much more than just amazing rings. It is about two people starting to move forward to a future together through a commitment sealed with a ring. Isn’t it better to tell the world the story of your love through photos? 

  1. Start planning your wedding

Wedding planning can be tedious and would require so much patience from both of you. But the secret to how to avoid getting overwhelmed is to avoid procrastinating. Get started with the wedding checklist and start jotting down things you need to consider before finalizing anything that involves money. There are a lot of available checklists online that you can use as your guide. Just do one thing at a time.

Here’s a sample checklist that you can use: 

➤Wedding Date

➤Number of Guests



➤Wedding Documents


➤Wedding Outfits

➤Wedding Photographer

➤Wedding Vendors

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  1. Get help from a professional

This is something that I highly recommended to every newly engaged couple – don’t attempt to do things on your own. It is always better to have a professional you can depend on to do things for you, especially on your big day. Make sure that you take time to research and get to know different suppliers and wedding service providers. That way you’ll know which one aligns with your vision. 

Tips For After Getting Engaged | Getting Engaged

After all, I hope that this lessens any anxiety about the sudden transition of your relationship status, from dating to engaged. I have a lot more articles that I know could help you, and if you are still looking for an engagement or wedding photographer – you could check that out of your list. Lastly, I would love to capture this iconic milestone for you!


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5 Things To Do After Getting Engaged, kissing fiance ring hand

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