Planning A 420 Elopement In Hawaii

Celebrating a marriage with marijuana is no longer taboo. So what if you like to get high? This guide will help plan the ultimate 420 elopement in Hawaii. I have even come up with alternatives to smoking a joint. Hosting a marijuana-friendly wedding can be done with little effort like decor, or going all out and having weed for guests to enjoy. Being transparent with your wedding photographer will the day go smoothly, and to be honest it should be a priority when hiring a photographer. Lastly, I am a wedding and elopement photographer in Oahu, Hawaii, and with that being said – yes, I am 420-friendly.

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Planning A 420 Elopement In Hawaii

What To Keep In Mind When Hosting A 420 Wedding |Elopement

1: Location: Of course being in a legal recreational state will be the best route. Try to find a venue that allows smoking for medical reasons, because this will allow recreational smokers to partake without causing a big fuss. Currently, there are 18 states that allow recreational smoking, and I believe more will follow.

2: Atmosphere: Did you want open smoking everywhere or have a designated area just for smoking? Possibly having weed decor or not.

3: 21 And Over: Make things easier, and only have guests 21 and over.

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Ideas For A Cannabis Wedding | Plan A 420 Elopement In Hawaii


1: Hire A Budtender: For the most part the guest invited are cannabis-friendly users. Keep in mind some guests may have never tried weed. Having a budtender will help those guests decide if they would like to try Sativa, Indica, or perhaps a hybrid.

2: Rent Out Bongs: Yes, you read that right. There are companies that hire bongs for events.

3: Different Cannabis Options: Below I’m including different cannabis options.

  • Flower: You can offer pre-rolled joints, or have a station for rolling
  • Edibles: This option is perfect for someone wanting a more discreet cannabis wedding. It can include things like gummies, cookies, and even tea. Certainly, the edible options are dynamic.
  • Vapes: Again, another option for having a discreet weed wedding. Vapes can have little to no odor of weed, and it’s quick and easy.
  • Tinctures: First of all tinctures can either be CBD or THC based. This would be a great add-on for joints.
  • Infused Drinks: Consider having a signature-infused cocktail!
  • Infused food: Lastly, and probably my favorite option would be cannabis-infused food. When looking for wedding vendors think about a chef or catering company that infuses food. The possibility is endless. Imagine having an infused 3-course meal? Or possibly having some infused desserts?

4: Ceremony Light Up: Instead of sealing your wedding with a kiss consider sealing it with a puff puff pass. Light up a joint.

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Ideas To Incorporate Cannabis In Your Wedding | Elopement

  • Flowers: Include cannabis in your wedding bouquet.
  • Details: Can you get a hold of an actual marijuana leaf? Make sure to use it for your wedding and elopement details.
  • Decor: Instead of floral centerpieces have cannabis centerpieces. Perhaps some bongs?
  • Take-Home Gifts: Go all out and send your wedding guest with a personalized pre-rolled joint, or an edible with a personalized event tag.

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Have A Cannabis Wedding | Plan A 420 Elopement In Hawaii

At the end of the day having a wedding and elopement should be about what brings joy into your life. If you wanted to weed out some guests (no pun intended) hosting a marijuana-friendly wedding and elopement will do just that. Planning a 420 elopement in Hawaii will be easy with this guide. Be prepared to have unwanted comments or looks, but also remember this is YOUR day. Ready to get married in Hawaii? or any other state? By all means, reach out I’d love to capture this.

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