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If you guessed that I’ve known my husband since middle school, you got it! As a girl who married her middle-school sweetheart, I guess you could say I know a thing or two about soul mates, love stories, and all that. We’ve battled through a whole lot of life together, so I know exactly what you two are feeling as you plan to say, “I do!” It’s the best feeling in the world, isn’t it?

But I also know that this stage of life is both wildly exciting and insanely nerve-wracking. Especially if you know you want to break the mold a bit (or a whole bunch!) during your intimate wedding or elopement. It can be scary to do something in a way your friends and family wouldn’t, but I want to encourage you to fucking go for it! My husband and I had a massive wedding almost ten years ago, and honestly? If I could redo it today, I’d have an intimate ceremony on a stunning Cabo beach followed by a four-course twinkle-lit dinner at sunset. The dream!

That’s why, when my husband was first stationed in Oahu, I made photography into my career! I was so inspired to use the love of photography that blossomed in me when my son was born to capture the breathtaking weddings and elopements I saw around me in the islands every day.


“WOW! The photos Leslie captured of my husband and me were breathtaking. She made sure we were comfortable and gave us words of encouragement throughout the whole session. If you need someone who’s up for a challenge, creative, makes you feel 100% comfortable, interactive, passionate, or just an AWESOME photographer, she’s it without a doubt.”

Jocelyn J., 2021 Client

Today, I preserve the world’s most incredible love stories—from the most luxurious to the most off-the-wall—for couples like you! With an eye for detail and a passion for organic prompting, I turn moments spent in front of a camera into one-of-a-kind works of art.

*tire screech* If you just read that and felt your heart rate surge at the prospect of stepping in front of the camera, let’s talk it through. I know what it feels like to be uncertain about your body, especially when there’s a camera turned toward it. Before I moved to Hawaii, I didn’t know how to love my curves or my hair. But once I got there, I learned how freeing it was to embrace every part of who I was, inside and out.  I hold that life lesson close and have used it as the foundation of the client experience I offer today!

When I’m not kicking it in Hawaii to serve as an Oahu elopement photographer, I’m probably catching up on Station 19, trying out a new twist on a Colombian recipe with my husband, planning our next trip around the world, or snuggled up with my two dogs and rainbow babies, Nicholas + Mateo. 

But enough about me! With bags permanently packed and a hot chocolate (never coffee!) in hand, I’m ready to jet off to your dream location to document the best day of your life! Ready to hold hands, count to three, and take the leap?

Oahu Wedding Photographer & Elopement Photographer