Top 5 Reasons To Elope

Being a destination wedding + elopement photographer has given me a lot of insight into traditional weddings vs intimate weddings and/or elopements. If you ever thought about reasons to elope, I’m here to help you navigate questions like why? Does it fit us?

I’ve come up with a list of 5 reasons to elope, and if any of them resonate with you I would absolutely say GO FOR It.

Before I go on I want to let you know at the end of the day it’s YOUR wedding day. Whether you elope or have a big wedding make it all about you. Theirs so many ways that friends, family, and the wedding industry can tug you. Traditions can change, and be broken. I’m here to help you navigate those uncertainties and make the best decision that serves your special day.

Reasons To Elope

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1. Intimacy + Authenticity: Just the two of you.

So, this is one of my favorite reasons to elope. I think this is perfect for that couple who likes to keep things private and low-key but also is okay with breaking barriers. Eloping doesn’t mean you can’t follow traditions; it just means you get to do them just between you two. Eloping gives you the freedom to express all of your love, and more without the stress or anxiety of having a big group sharing the moment.

From first-hand experience I actually was so nervous I forgot my vows. When it’s just the two of you this allows for your most authentic self. Whether that means saying “I Do” at your favorite skatepark, beach, or National Park. You’re able to let go of trying to entertain your guest and really focus on being in the moment. At the end of the day, you and your partner are able to direct how you’d like to spend your wedding day.

2.  The Experience

Everything will feel much more smooth because guess what? It’s a smaller scale which allows for the pressure not to be overwhelming. You can splurge on extra experiences. That chef you’ve had your mind on, band, entertainment, games, donut wall, and the possibilities are endless!

The experience is once in a lifetime because you get to control everything. It’s a very unique moment tailored around who you are as a couple. Are you adventurous? Well, guess what your location is limitless when your guest list is smaller. You can practically go elope anywhere! You can absolutely still schedule to cut the cake, give a small speech, have your first dance, enjoy dinner, and spend the day filling your cup. During a traditional wedding, you’re constantly being pulled in different directions, and it’s all based on a schedule without much flexibility.

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3. Stress-Free (or almost lol)

An elopement usually brings less stress than a traditional wedding. Elopements are pretty laid back, and practically stress-free since you’re running the show. Elopements typically have a lot less planning. You can start the day by enjoying that cup of coffee, and knowing you’re not on a tight timeline. You can wake up and start your day knowing today you’ll be marrying your best friend, and just enjoying each other for the day.  Imagine waking up, and heading over to your special location knowing that you won’t have countless phones in your face? Instead, you’re met with a beautiful location just for you two, and get to share your vows with each other in your own bubble.

4. No drama

I mean let’s be honest we all have a little drama in our lives, and it often comes from the people we love the most. Eloping doesn’t leave much room for the family to bud in. I remember when planning our wedding I had family that meant well, but they had a lot of input lol.

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5. Flexible Budget

The average wedding in the US is currently $33,900… which is a hefty price for a 8-10 hour day. Eloping can give you the satisfaction of having the most beautiful elopement while leaving room for things like a house, children (fur babies too), a dream vacation, etc. Getting married at your dream location like Oahu, Hawaii can save some budget because you’ll enjoy a honeymoon at the same time. Your entire budget is going to cycle back to you two, and all the things you want to spend doing the day of.

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Reasons To Elope

Honestly, if you really didn’t want to share one of the most important days with a big crowd. Guess what? You don’t have to, and eloping allows exactly that. This allows for the most intimate moments to just be kept between you two, and break traditions or follow them up in your own way. If you are still looking for guidance and a professional photographer, don’t hesitate to reach out.


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