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So, you have decided to elope! Nonetheless, you decided Hawaii is where you want to elope. And I could be a little biased on which island is the best as an Oahu Elopement Photographer. Oahu has such diverse locations to elope in, and with paradise whether it makes a perfect location to elope.

The guide below will help concreate why you should elope in Oahu. 

Oahu Elopement Photographer

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4 Reasons To Elope In Oahu, Hawaii


1: Locations: Like I mentioned above Oahu offers a wide variety of locations. When you picture your wedding day are you on the beach? On or mountainside? On a side of a cliff? or perhaps in the beautiful Hawaiin jungle? Theirs a lot of locations that are easily accessible, and this is perfect for those who don’t want to sweat to get to an epic location.

2: Weather: The weather is practically beautiful all year long, and includes “winter”. November to April is Oahu’s winter season, and this typically means high swells, chilly nights, and rain. Even though it’s raining on one side of the island, it may not be raining on the other. That is the beauty of Oahu’s rainy season. May to October it’s considered summer.

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3: Experience: Eloping in Hawaii is an experience in itself. But the experiences on Oahu are really endless. As I mentioned above theirs experiences for all levels of adventure. Below I will list some Oahu activities:

  • Hike: Oahu offers short and long hikes. Hiking early will give you the best options for a private and secluded ceremony. Also, your photographer can guide you on the best hikes on the island
  • Kayak: In Oahu theirs “Chinaman’s Hat” and you could kayak over to this tiny island, and have your ceremony there.
  • Yacht rental: Have a private ceremony, and celebration right in the middle of the ocean. Imagine sunset as your backdrop, and then celebrate the night over the ocean. This is a great option for privacy and intimacy. And the best part is it could be just you two or bring some family and friends with you.
  • Picnic: First of all, Oahu is known for some epic picnics. Hire a private chef or a company that offers full-service picnics. Picnics can be set up remotely anywhere, and they are catered to your liking. Lastly, it makes for beautiful photos while enjoying your meal.
  • Horseback riding: Take a stroll on the beach, and through some of Oahu’s jungle with your significant other.
  • Skateboard: The North Shore is known for skateboarding! Enjoy a ride after saying I do.
  • Surfing: Lastly, consider jumping in the water after eloping. If the beach is your favorite place why not end your elopement in the ocean?

For one thing, Oahu offers a lot more experiences, and I’m happy to help plan the perfect day. Hawaii is a popular location for intimate weddings and elopements. For instance, did you want to add a little more traditional? As long as your wedding guest is between 6-and 20 (depending on the season) consider eloping at Male’ana Gardens.

Oahu Elopement Photographer

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4: It’s Easy To Elope In Oahu: Getting a marriage license is very easy, and Oahu allows you to get married on the same day. You don’t need any witnesses, but only licensed agents can marry couples. For this reason, I go in-depth about the marriage license on this blog.

5: Honeymoon And Elopement In One: Lastly, you can get married and honeymoon at the same time! But, it can get better! Go ahead and hop over to the other islands. Get married on Oahu, and jump over to one of the other islands. For instance, hop over to Maui for a day or two. Flights to the other islands range from $40-$100 roundtrip.

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How To Elope In Hawaii | Oahu Elopement Photographer

Congratulations! You have made it this far, and thus further decided you want to 1000% elope in Hawaii! Are you considering the other islands? I have created a detailed guide to How To Elope In Hawaii! If you are looking for an Oahu Elopement Photographer stop looking and let’s chat. Helping you create the best elopement day is so fun for me. Need vendor recommendations? Help to narrow down your location(s)? Or perhaps a recommendation on activities? I’m here to help you with it all. I can’t wait to hear from you two. Let’s start the elopement booking process.

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